DXB APPS is the company to contact when it comes to E-commerce App Development. We are the experts in utilizing the Android/IOS platform to attain maximum benefit for your company. With our focus on the creation of a business-driven App, it simultaneously thrills and engages the customers with its features.


Specialties of DXB APPS’s E-commerce App Design:

Responsiveness- The first thing a customer would appreciate about any App is a responsive design. A dynamically adapted layout to the screen and a perfect engagement with the user is the foremost quality accepted from an ideal application. We are the pioneers in providing a responsive design to the Android and IOS application, suitable for all screen sizes across all devices.

Promotional Banners- Banners with alluring design can captivate the attention of the customers quickly. Our designers are full of creative ideas and can create the best banners and graphics to give a special boost to your business.

Push Notifications- Enabling the push notifications is a good way to increase the customer interaction. The customers can know about the ongoing discounts, the launch of new products, and also be aware of the current promotional activities. We help your business thrive by rendering your App with this feature.

Multiple payment Gateway- Including multiple modes of payment not only provides a great relief to the customer, adding to his user-experience, but also increases his probability of returning to the site again to shop for more. Our developers can efficiently integrate multiple payment gateways to your web portal.

A Speedy Checkout- The customers should be able to add products to their cart quickly and proceed with a swift checkout without any hassles. For this, DXB APPS enable your App with quick registration and guest checkout feature. It helps in getting a higher number of converts for your business.

User Feedback- Allowing your users to comment about the products and their shopping experience can improve your business to a great extent. It provides you to work on the areas of improvement, along with building a bond of trust with the customer. We also integrate the social media tabs with the mobile App so that the customers can share their experiences.

A scintillating E-commerce application is the need of the hour to attract more customers and get the business rolling. DXB APPS are having the best App Developers that can render your business with a great shopping App to conquer the market of e-Commerce.

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