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The people are getting more conscious about their lifestyle and like to keep a track of their daily activities. They aspire to stay fit and follow a trendy lifestyle. The "Lifestyle and Fitness Apps" are proving to be a tool of choice, helping the users to plan their day effectively.

We at DXB APPS, are adept in exploiting the overall capabilities of Android & IOS to provide you an app that is highly engaging and useful at the same time. A great App helps you in designing your daily activities and be fit at all times. We empower the app with the latest functions, such as calorie intake, energy spent, Vitamins and Mineral requirements, along with metabolism statistics and carb control. It helps the users feel connected to your brand, along with enhancing the profits in a positive way.


Important Features of DXB APPS Lifestyle & Fitness Apps are :

Subscription programs to keep the users hooked and engage with the App at a higher level
The App can be easily connected to wearables such as smart watches, fitness bands, and others
Food diet charts depicting benefits of each type of food
Enabling the users to plan their fitness activities for the week or for the month
Push notifications and reminders in case a user misses out on any activity
Different types of plans for different programs such as weight loss, running, training, cardio, and abs workout.
An activity tracker to monitor all your activities such as sleeping, walking and running.
A personalized account where customers can add their basic information and updates
Daily Fitness tips with special facts and its effect on their lifestyle
A balanced diet suggestion along with tips to choose a healthier snack.

DXB APPS design your app with utmost care and creativity, focusing on minimalism. We render the application with an intuitive interface that is easy to use. Right from the logo and the theme, we strive to create an application that draws users through its appealing look and feel.

Please contact DXB APPS for the development of a high-quality Lifestyle and Fitness app that appeal to the masses along with helping your company to reach desired heights.

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