In today’s technological era, we all know how easy communication has become these days with the available mobile app. And equally has its importance too. The most used mobile app for communication worldwide is WhatsApp. It has billions of users in number and our life would not be the same without it. Similar messaging applications can also be developed with mobile app development Dubai.
Creating an app like WhatsApp is not an easy task because it has made its own place in everyone’s life. Most people use mobile phones mainly for communication purposes. By taking this into consideration with mobile app development Dubai, we can create a successful app similar to WhatsApp with the following steps:

• The first step is to select the right platform, i.e, Android or iOS; for your app from where you can more users based upon the location, audience, and many other factors.
• Developing unique features other than of WhatsApp, will gain more customer attention. When amazing features are developed, users will be retained and this can bring more revenue to the app.

• Cost to develop the app should be estimated in advance, so that you should not face any problem at the time of development.
• When the above steps are done, you need to choose the right development company for your app which can fulfill all your business requirements with mobile app development Dubai.

Essential Features for the app

The important step without which you cannot use the app is signing up in the app with the phone number. When you enter your mobile number, a confirmation code is sent to your mobile number through SMS. And after the confirmation is done, you can add all your contacts to the app and connect with them without any inconvenience. You can customize your profile according to your preferences through names, background colors and fonts with mobile app development Dubai.

Message Exchange and Notifications
Messaging is the most essential thing in the WhatsApp. These messages are end to end encrypted for security purposes. The messages feature is not easy to develop. But you need to make sure that the messages of the users should store the history and not be stored on the server. You can enhance this feature more by adding customized emoticons and stickers.
Notifications enable users to know about any messages are received and they get into the app through this with mobile app development Dubai.

Multimedia and Location sharing
Users are allowed to transfer the multimedia such as photos, videos, audios, gifs and many more. This will make the app more attractive by including such features. Users can also share their location to navigate people and this is a very beneficial feature.

Cost to develop an app like WhatsApp
The estimated amount for the development of an app like WhatsApp will be around $55,000 which includes $25,000 of back-end development and $25,000 for front-end. And all other factors such as features, location, target audience, etc, depend on the development of the app.

We all know WhatsApp has changed the market of messaging on both Android and iOS platforms. DXB apps can help you develop apps and websites for your business to fulfill all the requirements with mobile app development Dubai. For more assistance, visit or call at +971505041860.

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