DXB APPS is a company driven by passion for perfection. Being in this business for many years has provided us an experience in plethora of technical fields, which gives DXB APPS a leverage over other companies.



We Go Beyond the Ordinary As We Embrace Innovative Technologies For Android/IOS App Development

At DXB APPS, we believe in solutions that are not only efficient but also smart. With our highly skilled and talented workforce, our teams are dedicated to ensure that as our clients, your requirements and needs are kept at the top shelf of our priority. Our experienced familiarity with technology makes sure that we develop a product that delivers with optimum performance. We spearhead into the problem with a holistic approach and leave no stone unturned to ensure that we develop nothing but perfection.

Below are some of the Awesome features DXB APPS provide:


M-Commerce is the new e-commerce, with mobiles becoming the biggest online selling channel. DXB APPS create amazing m-commerce applications for Android/IOS to enable your business to avail the competitive advantage with a wider reach to market.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The innovative enterprise mobility solutions bundle up the benefits of operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability for businesses. DXB APPS build powerful enterprise apps that establish seamless connectivity between the employees, partners, and customers.

Wearable Technology

The wearable technology has proliferated various industry verticals such as healthcare, sports, enterprises, and more. At DXB APPS, we create advanced custom applications to power up high-tech wearable.


DXB APPS creates amazing location-based Android and IOS Apps by harnessing the power of the latest technologies such as beacons, geo-location, and geo-fencing. From navigation to m-commerce marketing strategies such as location-based offers and notifications, these apps have a lot to offer.

Mobile Payment Technology

Mobile has become the latest tool for making secure online transactions. Our expert developers specialize in creating secure applications for making mobile payments and transferring funds. DXB APPS ensure that users can process payments in a hassle-free manner.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the technologies that are making a breakthrough into the mobile app space. These technologies have gone beyond entertainment Apps. We have capitalized on AR and VR to create exceptional apps for E-commerce, retail, healthcare, and education sectors.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is perhaps the biggest tech innovation of the present times and we are making the best use of this technology. DXB APPS expert developers excel at creating IoT-based Android & IOS applications such as automation solutions for homes and industries.

Artificial Intelligence

Our skilled developers have expertise in the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence too. We leverage the technology to add chat-bots and smart messaging in the Apps. These Apps deliver a personalized user experience to capture user attention.

Cloud-Driven Apps

The Cloud technology has transformed the way we live and it has changed mobile Apps too. DXB APPS creates powerful Apps that fetch data directly from the Cloud rather than cluttering the internal memory of yours.


DXB APPS consists of a team that is specialized and dedicated towards their work. We work with respect to details

We enhance your existing software by taking into consideration the slightest detail that can account into a major update. DXB understands the need of details and that is why nothing is ever overlooked. We are constantly implementing new technologies that keeps hitting the market to stay ahead of time.

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Industry We Worked for

Humans designed hardware. Humans also designed software to make the most economic & efficient use of that hardware. Long before when the term App was coined, no one would imagine that the Three-letter word had the power to change the world. Whether it is an Android phone or an iPhone, Apps have become an essential part of the any industry and for personal use.

Below are the details of few industries we worked for :-



DXB APPS is the company to contact when it comes to E-commerce App Development. We are the experts in utilizing the Android/IOS platform to attain maximum benefit for your company. With our focus on the creation of a business-driven App, it simultaneously thrills and engages the customers with its features.


Lifestyle and Fitness App

The people are getting more conscious about their lifestyle and like to keep a track of their daily activities. They aspire to stay fit and follow a trendy lifestyle. The "Lifestyle and Fitness Apps" are proving to be a tool of choice, helping the users to plan their day effectively.


Banking App

Banking is one such sector with which we interact on day-to-day basis. In the modern times, the way of interacting with your bank and proceeding with the transactions has completely changed. All of this is due to the introduction of Banking apps, which has revolutionized our lives by providing us with an easier option of banking.


Navigation App

Navigation apps are important for day to day commute and can provide a rich info that helps with your travelling plan. It can convey you the best routes to take while avoiding the traffic jams. An exact navigation adds greatly to the user experience and helps in the brand establishment, along with app installs. These Apps are important for a peace of mind while commuting anywhere or running errands.


Health Care App

We at DXB APPS, are the pioneers in developing Healthcare Apps that will boost your business and allow the customers to communicate with you easily. An ideal Healthcare app allows you to schedule your appointments, order for medicines, emergency assistance, and much more.



"YouTube" is worth-the-esteem membership administrations for staring at the TV, viral recordings, the most recent bits of amusement, scenes, and motion pictures on numerous stages. It streams authorized substance and even permits the client to stack various substance and even can include various melodies, motion pictures, and other stuff to the list of things to get or to the top choices. 

Besides, comparable networks additionally recorded YouTube as the top TV and video site around the world, pulling in excess of billons of guests for each month. 

In this way, in the event that you need to manufacture a clone application like YouTube, the urgent advance is to line up with the skill of the best application improvement organizations in Dubai, which is seat set apart in giving a-list amusement, has out-of-box thinking for creating diversion/live streaming application for the main names just as new businesses internationally.


In the collection of influences determining the cost of the clone app like YouTube, the vital is the Video Technology.


Beforehand, watching YouTube videos on your individual desktop needed Adobe Flash Player set up in the browser, so, while you make a choice to hire your mobile app development Dubai partner, pay consideration to the developers knowledgeable with the standards.


The time you are deliberating your project features with the proficient mobile app development Dubai, make sure you add this feature in your list and well-informed the modest advantage.


As YouTube videos are accessible in a countless range of quality, it is obligatory to make your app ready to solidify with a dissimilar type of quality and formats to deliver an unparalleled level of user satisfaction.


These functions were remarkably used as the basis for interactive videos, which carry hyperlinks to other videos in order to achieve branching elements. This is an exclusive feature of the YouTube app, making it future-ready.


These videos can be seen in dissimilar methods, including the common anaglyph technique which uses glasses worn by the user to accomplish the 3-D effect.


It was an experiment carried out by YouTube. Precisely talking, live streaming through a mobile app development Dubai was originally limited to users with limited subscribers. So, if you are considering standing out in the troop, perhaps think and converse with the mobile app development Dubai specialists that will benefit you curate a niche in the technology landscape.

The beginners and entrepreneurs who dream to make effective apps and a clone like YouTube would be a great idea for a high start-up, or even a stepping stone for the growth of your business.

So, if you are still enclosed with dark clouds, then all that makes a difference is partnering with the right team of mobile app development Dubai. And, to benefit you with this, DXB apps are one of the leading mobile app development Dubai.

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Telemedicine software like Doctor on Demand is filling in prevalence and request. End-clients (patients) and specialists, facilities, and associations are seeing the potential in applications like this and how they can change the business.

Getting care through an app isnt appropriate for each kind of condition, but for the many things that do make sense in that type of situation, Tele medicine mobile app development Dubai can offer huge compensations.

Easily accessible

Think about the situations youve been in before that require seeing a doctor, but take all but five minutes to diagnose and prescribe: ear infection, UTI, bladder infection, skin condition, just to name a few. You drive or commute to your local clinic and wait in long lines, only to get a simple treatment. With Tele medicine software, patients can get the same professional care in way less time, without having to leave the comfort of their own home, during any time of the day or night.

Fast results

You are able to start treatment right away, which can be vital in many circumstances.

Mobile medical records

With telemedicine software, you can access your own medical records at the touch of your fingertips. Its so much easier to share with your doctors, specialists and even family members.

Easy hours for doctors

Doctors also reap the benefits of telemedicine software. By being able to schedule their own hours and work from anywhere they choose.

Ability to treat more patients

Increase revenue

Features for the Tele health Software that you need to be aware of:

For those of you who see the power behind telemedicine mobile app development Dubai and want to create your own, there are specific features you will want to be conscious of to make the most of your achievement. 

  • Account creation and maintenance

Users need to be able to make and preserve a user profile on the platform.

  • User friendly dashboards

For example, if doctors would want to see any appointments and be able to discipline down into a separate appointment. Patients who need to see any upcoming appointments.

  • Easily available data

All parties need to be able to quickly and easily access information in the medical software. 

  • Secure treatment notes

Health workers need the aptitude to generate and track action notes in an encrypted database.

  • Appointment scheduling

Users need to be able to easily book appointments with various healthcare providers.

Challenges with developing Tele medicine mobile app development Dubai:

Any trustworthy mobile app development Dubai company will already know of and be ready to battle against these challenges:

  • Significance of security

Everyone wants to be sure if their data is safe and protected, and they want to know who has right to use it. There are several ways to offer enhanced security such as data encryption.

  • Building up trust

It is significant to have good reviews and a good rating system and also to gather recommendations from patients and doctors.

If you thinking of creating a Telemedicine app, mobile app development Dubai is the right move for your company and your medical practice. Contact DXB apps and we will work with you to create an app that can benefit take you to the next level of patient service and care.

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