DXB apps is a renowned tech driven company that aims for perfection and professionalism in all the services it provides. With a team of experienced professional software developers, we make sure that your tech needs are fulfilled in a manner that provides you leverage in every aspect of your industry. Customer satisfaction and commitment are two values widely practiced at DXB apps with diligence and dedication evident through all the innovations done for mobile app development Dubai.



Always a step ahead, DXB apps provides innovative and user centric tech solutions for every vertical involved in mobile app development Dubai. From iOS app development to Android advancements, we have the expertise for everything.

The team at DXB apps prioritizes efficiency as well as innovation for every service performed for mobile app development Dubai. Our experienced software developers and technical staff are highly skilled, making sure they dedicate their time and expertise in the right possible way. From providing the top most functionality to making a service as customer focused as possible, we provide optimum performance in whatever we work upon. The strategies we develop take a holistic approach which covers every facet concerned in the relevant industry for you. For professional mobile app development Dubai, we provide the nothing but perfection where you can trust us to not leave any stone unturned.



Many say that m-commerce is the new e-commerce. This isn’t an overstatement considering the impact of online selling for mobile app development Dubai. With over 40% of the world’s population using smart phones, its not odd to consider that the surge in demands for apps is extraordinary. The professional software team at DXB apps develop advanced and modern applications for iOS and Android systems. Such professionally innovative apps provide our clients with industry and competitive advantages. With user centric applications for mobile app development Dubai, we ensure greater audience reach and engagement in every aspect contributed.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

In addition to orthodox mobile app development Dubai, the team at DXB apps also provides solutions for operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability for businesses. With great command over powerful enterprise app development, we ensure the best possible service for you. Our team aims to foster connectivity and synergy between the employees and partners of an organization through the apps we develop. Seamless services for mobile app development Dubai are the top most feature prioritized at DXB apps, so you can rest assured about all the features that you will get.

Wearable Technology

Mobile app development Dubai has taken a toll in the sector for wearable gadgets. From the healthcare sector to numerous other enterprises, the use of such technology has driven most of the advancements taken for mobile app development Dubai. At DXB apps, the professional teams make sure that the most industry specific and user centric applications are provided to clients. We create advanced customized applications to assist high tech wearable technology that is constantly growing in use and in demand all over the world.


The professionals at DXB apps provide innovative creativity for location-based applications for Android and iOS. By using geo fencing and geo location features, we make sure that the best functional apps are provided to you for mobile app development Dubai. Be it navigation or marketing for m-commerce, DXB apps has the latest solutions for all your tech needs in this vertical.

Mobile Payment Technology

The use of cell phones has become the latest tool that millions are using for mobile payments and online transactions. Not only are these safe and secure but they provide prompt solutions immediately. The expertise of the developers at DXB apps can be relied upon for creating apps that that make mobile payments and the transfer of funds easy and safe. DXB apps ensure that our client’s users can process their payments in a hassle-free manner, getting the best out of mobile app development Dubai.


The use of Virtual and Augmented reality has taken the world of mobile app development Dubai by storm. These breakthrough technologies are making their way into the mobile app space and are doing so efficiently. The professional developers at DXB apps have the right expertise to provide you with applications that go beyond entertainment in the use of AR and VR. We create innovative solutions ranging from E-commerce to education, all customized to your requirements.

Internet of Things

In the present age of digital innovation, IOT is probably the biggest advancement for mobile app development Dubai. The expert developers at DXB apps bring creative and professional solutions to the table. Our teams are experts at developing IoT based android and iOS applications that provide the most functional automation solutions for people’s homes and numerous industries for mobile app development Dubai.

Artificial Intelligence

At DXB apps, our skilled developers provide clients with the most innovative AI solutions as well. We carefully customize these developments to your requirements for mobile app development Dubai. We make sure that these apps are personalized and user centric in the best possible way to provide satisfaction and great service for our clients.

Cloud-Driven Apps

Use of cloud technology has transformed the way things are done for mobile app development Dubai. Similarly, the experts at DXB apps have all the experience to create powerful apps that can fetch data directly from the instead of hassling you with clutter and confusion in your internal memory.


DXB apps provides you with the best expertise in the industry. With personalized and dedicated services towards your work, we pay heed to details to make sure that the app you get is flawless.

We provide wide ranging solutions for mobile app development Dubai that are extended to become user centric and functional in the best possible manner. With professionalism, our team dedicates their time and expertise to provide you with brilliant customized solutions.

1. Mobile app development – apps are the main reason why smartphones are increasing in number for iOS and android mobile app development Dubai

2. Mobile application redesign services – With increasing dominance in the sector of mobile app development Dubai, avail user centric services at DXB apps

3. Mobile application maintenance services – with greater adoption of technology, advancements and innovations are prioritized at DXB apps

4. Location based app solutions – DXB apps provide the best android and iOS-based location services to help you secure revenue

5. Bluetooth low energy tech solutions – DXB will provide applications complacent with the APIs used for built in (BLE) platforms

6. Hire DXB app developers – for the most professional mobile app development Dubai, come to DXB apps for customized and user driven tech solutions in the UAE

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Industry We Worked for

With greater human effort for mobile app development Dubai, efficiency and effective solutions are surging. Developments and advancements are abundant for mobile app development Dubai which is why the growth in the demand for customer driven apps has increased tremendously. Apps have the power to change the world, with iOS and android solutions that will take your industry for mobile app development Dubai by storm.

Below are the details of few industries we worked for :-



When it comes to m-commerce for mobile app development Dubai, DXB apps is the place for you. Our expert team of developers will provide you with business-driven services and solutions that will be thrilling and user centric for all those who use them for carrying out strategic solutions in the industry.


Lifestyle and Fitness App

With more and more people inclining towards healthier verticals, we provide apps for tracking daily activities professionally. Our expert’s apps are easy to use for planning and following for mobile app development Dubai that make our users lives easier and will provide you with a revenue boost you never saw coming .


Banking App

A sector that is growing for mobile app development Dubai, we provide apps that enhance better interaction and proceedings for banks and users. With revolutionary banking apps, you can rest assured that you will get the very best from the most experienced software developers in town.


Navigation App

Navigation apps are an important part of mobile app development Dubai. they provide richer and better solutions for peoples daily lives and are increasing in use which is why the professional developers at DXB apps understand the dynamics of such a solution and will commit to providing you with the best apps in the industry.


Health Care App

The rise in the use and facility provided by healthcare apps cannot be overlooked for mobile app development Dubai. which is why the professional developers at DXB apps have the best solutions for your app ideas involving mobile app development Dubai.


Why do you believe Java is the Best Dubai Mobile App Development Smartphone Device Programming Language?

Developing business sector and customer requests have changed the manner in which application creation is made. Organizations are additionally utilizing cell phone gadgets to improve their productivity just as their working work. We ought not to fail to remember, however, that it is the multi-stage age. Cross-stage application creation frameworks assist engineers with composing a solitary code for numerous frameworks, while additionally assisting associations with saving money on the mobile app development Dubai costs.

You should plan it appropriately once you know your portable application creation needs and address prepared designers to get an incredible item to satisfy your business goals. It is important to make an interface for specialists to comprehend the opposition and assess the mobile app development Dubai access.

Also, what's Java?
During the mid-1990s at Sun Microsystems, Java was developed by James Gosling. It has been dealing with the guideline of "compose once and run all over the place" since its commencement. It very well may be joined to assemble lightweight, steady and versatile applications with various advances

Why the improvement of Java for mobile app development Dubai?
Examination recommends that Java is normally the most generally and profoundly provoking programming language to fulfill programming creation needs for programming structures. Zeroed in on Java, Android is the main OS utilized on huge number of cell phones. Also, over the most recent few years, it has kept Java at the highest point of positives. With Java, the making of local applications utilizing different local assets is additionally simple. Presently, we will clarify the strategy of why Java is the versatile stage programming language.

Huge Methods for Growth
Java is a stage that is apparatus rich. Its huge assortment of instruments makes the cycle of programming creation and advancement much easier. Java is open-source programming, and clients can promptly utilize the assets as indicated by their requirements. It empowers various open-source information bases available on the web to be utilized. These strategies help with coding as well as help in the debugger and different positions that are important for a flourishing biological system for application improvement.

An expandable and enthusiastic forum
Java is an expandable and dynamic web, yes. In the classes that are stuffed in the mediator just when required, their codes are normalized. Applications can advantageously choose the suitable classification and its related parts because of the meaning of classes.

Easy to be perceived
Java is a programming language and is by all accounts simple to learn. You may think it is difficult to comprehend its ideas, yet dissimilar to different tongues, it is more direct. It has basic punctuations, developments of projects that permit people to learn it rapidly with mobile app development Dubai.

The future of the mobile app development Dubai depends upon how well-organized the development crew is. The high-quality of the right mobile application development company becomes important. DXB apps are among the best mobile app development Dubai that known for developing high-performance mobile applications. For more support, you can visit our website now or contact us at this number +971505041860.

What Are The SEO Benefits of Social Media?

The search industry is consistently buzzing about how online media can impact SEO. Online media SEO alludes to how web-based media exercises can support your site's natural traffic through web crawlers. It's a subject on a few contextual analyses that never gets old. The explanation is basic: online media is significant for SEO in more than one way. It makes your SEO exercises compelling as well as worthwhile. Indeed, online media and SEO may appear to be unique, however there's no uncertainty that they help one another.

Web-based media and SEO: It's confounded
Previously, Google have offered conflicting expressions with respect to the part of online media in their positioning calculation. From one perspective, they have expressed that web-based media pages are filed in a similar way as other pages, and that social connections thusly consider joins.

In any case, on the other, they have expressed that social measurements don't comprise direct positioning components. Over at Microsoft, the folks behind Bing have said that they also consider the authority of online media profiles. In any case, as opposed to prevalent thinking, web-based media doesn't straightforwardly add to SEO.

3 Reasons to Up Your Social Media Game:
Site improvement is tied in with acquiring perceivability and getting more individuals to naturally visit your site. Web-based media promoting then again, is tied in with capitalizing on informal organizations and getting found on them by the opportune individuals. The two of them may appear to be unique yet have covering objectives. Basically, they cooperate. This is the reason web indexes are getting more social, and informal organizations are transforming into important mobile app development Dubai.

Social Media Content Gets Indexed
The correct kind of social media content distributed consistently can have a gigantic effect to your general substance advertising effort.

Social Media Helps Build Authority
Web crawlers give a great deal of weight to a site's position, making it a basic SEO factor to zero in on. According to web indexes, if your page or area has high worth, it has high position.

Social Media Involves Real People
While SEO has a specialized side to it, it's not by any means the only thing you should be centered around. The greater part of the black hat or untrustworthy SEO rehearses are specialized in nature, but neglect to give long haul results since they take the "client" out of the condition

Making an incredible item is clearly the initial move towards accomplishing extraordinary showcasing objectives. In any case, to really consider your item or administration a triumph, it is imperative to get the message out about it among your intended interest group particularly the early adopters. Keep in mind; if your crowd doesn't think about your contribution, it's comparable to not having it. The more proactive you are in your methodology, the better outcomes you will see by mobile app development Dubai.

Dedicated Mobile application developers at DXB apps are well-informed with the most recent innovation strategies which empowers them to convey custom mobile applications of any multifaceted nature. Recruit mobile app development Dubai from DXB apps to deliver vigorous and adaptable mobile app development Dubai for your business. For more support, you can visit our website now or contact us at this number +971505041860.

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